SNIP Projects Improve Animal Welfare in Developing Nations

Our most recent projects

Since beginning operations in January 2013 we have been hard at work snipping away to help humanely control companion animal population in the developing world. We are a young, dynamic organization that shies away from the traditional set up so dear to the “Corporations of Animal Welfare…” The streets are our corporate offices, our animal specialists are non-paid volunteers and the public bus is often our corporate vehicle. This modern, eco-friendly, community-oriented set up ensures that we stay in touch with both people and animals, seeing things from the point of view of the dogs and cats that struggle every day in their quest for survival. Our vision for a world free of animal suffering is based on a global approach, one that recognizes that without animal welfare there is no such thing as true community welfare! Following are our most recent projects and accomplishments:


Costa Rica

  • 25 animals snipped in Barrio Nuevo and Paquera
  • 42 rescued dogs snipped at Mutt Ranch
  • 27 cats trapped, snipped and released at Mercado Borbon
  • 59 animals snipped at Isla Caballo, Central Pacific
  • 34 animals snipped at El Río
  • 50 rescued dogs spayed and neutered at Mutt Ranch
  • 104 snipped in Tirrases and Barrio 15 de Setiembre
  • 64 snipped at Indigenous community of Quitirrisí
  • 32 snipped at farmers house in southern zone
  • 41 snipped at Nosara Beach – Turtle nesting beach
  • 14 at Desamparados Alajuela
  • 16 at private farm Finca La Selva in Alajuela
  • 153 at Triangulo de la Solidaridad
  • 199 snipped at Purral Los Cuadros
  • 34 spayed and neutered at Puntarenitas
  • 61 spayed and neutered at Isla Chira
  • 46 confiscated from Animal Health Service (dog fights and hoarders) got spayed and neutered before adoption


  • 61 animals snipped in La Ribera
  • 55 feral cats trapped, snipped and released in Panama Canal Welcome Center


  • 116 animals spayed and neutered at Totonicapán

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