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SNIP Spay Neuter Costa Rica Dedicated to Helping Animals

Dear friends, We have heartwarming news about our projects this year. We apologize for not being able to send out newsletters this year, but believe us, SNIP stays connected with the communities that need our support. We are currently working on some wonderful programs that we want to share with you today. First, we would […]

costa rica spay neuter SNIP

SNIP Community Hero says: “So glad you always remember me and my pets”

Doña Cirila: SNIP Community Hero!

 If you ever wondered why we sponsor so many clinics in the islands of Costa Rica, the answer is simple: these are places where irresponsible people come to abandon their pets. The only positive aspect of this tragedy is that once we have snipped all of them, the population no longer […]

SNIP´s trap, snip & release (TSR) proving successful over Costa Rica

Requests for Cat Cafés keep coming! SNIP´s trap, snip & release (TSR) program is proving successful all over Costa Rica. We keep receiving requests from hospitals, hotels, governmental offices, markets, etc. The last 3 projects were held at the National Congress, at a private hardware store and at the Public Registry. More than 30 cats have […]

Life is fun at the beach! Spay & neuter dogs & cats Puntarenitas island

Puntarenitas is a tiny Costa Rican island inhabited by 17 families, 54 dogs and 10 cats. Why this pet overpopulation? Irresponsible owners from the mainland navigate to the island to abandon their animals. Here the economy is based on fishing, there are no other sources of income and the locals do not have the heart […]

SNIP staffers with community volunteers completed census in camp 2

This past weekend SNIP staffers together with community volunteers completed the census in the Triangle of Solidarity camp. Coming up with a definite number of how many animals live here proved difficult as many of the dogs and cats are strays who rely on this community for their survival. We estimate that less than 1% […]

Want to donate to SNIP but keep forgetting? Consider recurring donation

Do you want to donate to support our programs, but keep forgetting to do so? Consider a small recurring donation. You only have to set this up once and SNIP programs will receive your support on a monthly basis.   Monthly donations allow us to plan future projects and help more animals. 100% of the funds […]

Costa Rica stray dogs have negative impact on marine turtle population

Did you know that stray dogs have a negative impact on marine turtle population? The sandy beaches of the coastal communities of Ostional and Guanacaste, Costa Rica, are prime nesting grounds for marine turtles. In their efforts to survive, the hungry strays that roam the area have learned to dig up the eggs and eat […]

organizations, veterinarians and volunteers help developing nations

At SNIP we often receive help from US organizations, veterinarians and volunteers to help in developing nations. Recently, we received free training and support from Nanette of Shelter Me Photography, who flew to Costa Rica to teach a photography workshop to help with pictures of adoptable dogs and cats. Truth is that we need all […]