About the SNIP Foundation

About the SNIP Foundation

Most developing nations don’t have shelter facilities or governmental programs to humanely control population of companion animals. This work falls directly on animal welfare organizations and community leaders who strive to find cost effective solutions.

This is where SNIP jumps into action providing training and financial aid to offer mass, low-cost spay & neuter clinics and educational programs.

The need is urgent: there are thousands of communities without access to veterinary care or low cost spay & neuter programs.

Our Approach to Animal Rescue

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SNIP offers a viable, sustainable, humane alternative to the traditional rescue approach favored by many advocacy groups.  We propose a protocol that refutes the violent methods of pet population control so common in developing nations and that focuses, instead, on preventive methods. The truth is that the issue of pet overpopulation originates in the community and that, unless the community is involved in the solution, the tragedy of homeless pets will never be ended. We favor an approach that puts spay & neuter at the foundation of our animal advocacy programs, turning high kill communities into No Kill ones.

Program Description


spay neuter field surgery

Spay & Neuter Field Surgery Protocol

Successful population control programs must reach at least 70% of  the local animal population to be effective.  Thus, we need to offer a surgical procedure that is safe, fast, minimally invasive and very low-cost. SNIP offers FREE training to veterinarians who are part of our Corridor of Compassion program, teaching them a surgery technique conducive to increasing volume of surgeries, while at the same time keeping costs to a minimum in order to make the program sustainable for the long term.



spay neuter costa rica financial aid

Financial Aid for Spay & Neuter

Although we suggest to community leaders and veterinarians to charge a minimal fee to animal owners, the harsh reality is that in many communities there are thousands of people who struggle to feed their children, therefore asking them to pay for spay & neuter services is unrealistic. These are the communities we offer a helping hand to, sponsoring spay & neuter so that no animal is left behind.



spay neuter costa rica education


When it comes to responsible ownership, the whole family should be involved and learn how to properly care for their own pet in a way that also positively impacts the community. We provide community groups and veterinarians who are members of the Corridor of Compassion with free manuals of responsible ownership.  In alliance with ANPA in Costa Rica, we are also able to offer educational programs in schools.



spay neuter costa rica mission


To educate about the importance of spay & neuter as the most critical step to improve animal welfare in the developing world.



Staff & Board of Directors

We’ve recruited some of the best experts when it comes to humane methods of pet population control. We are committed to improving animal welfare in developing nations.


Laura Hoffmann – Secretary



Laura runs a successful real estate firm in Tampa Bay, Florida, and she has a long animal rescue history. An avid cyclist and athlete, Laura is a member of the Cycle 4 Strays team and pedaled with Davide for a portion of the 2010 fundraising ride. Laura is also very active in her community supporting local shelters and rescue groups with fostering, participating in adoption events and organizing fundraising drives.






Teresa Bodem – Treasurer



Teresa Bodem is Senior Manager of Corporate and Foundation Relations at Best Friends Animal Society. In this role, she oversees four distinct teams: corporate relations and event sponsorships, foundation relations, workplace campaigns, and in-kind relations.

Starting at the grassroots level 20 years ago; Teresa has expanded her nonprofit experience to include international and national work for organizations such as American Diabetes Association, Make-A-Wish Foundation of America, Make-A-Wish Foundation International, and Family Health International. Teresa earned double master’s degrees in business from the University of Toronto, Canada and the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. Teresa lives in Kanab, Utah with her two rescue dogs Monkey and Flower.



Carla Ferraro – Founder & Executive Director



Carla worked as Program Director of the McKee Project for 7 years overseeing Costa Rica and Central/South America, focusing on the 3 main divisions of the foundation: Spay & Neuter Surgery Training, Community Outreach and Cat Cafe.

Carla empowered hundreds of community groups in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Belize, Panama, Costa Rica & Peru: most of these groups are still active today offering low-cost, mass spay & neuter clinics in poor neighborhoods.

She lives in Costa Rica with her 5 rescued dogs and 5 chickens! She often fosters animals in need.



Davide Ulivieri – Co-Founder and Fundraising Volunteer



Davide worked closely with Carla at the McKee Project and helped jump start SNIP. He is a long time animal lover and an advocate for low-cost, mass spay and neuter campaigns. A former military  officer and fitness coach, Davide is also the founder of Cycle 4 Strays, long distance cycling events to raise the funds necessary to organize spay & neuter clinics in developing nations.

He resides in Parker, Colorado, where he co-owns Prairie Home Pet Care.