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Dear friends,

We have heartwarming news about our projects this year. We apologize for not being able to send out newsletters this year, but believe us, SNIP stays connected with the communities that need our support. We are currently working on some wonderful programs that we want to share with you today.

First, we would like to inform you that thanks to the support of individual donors and international organizations, SNIP has been able to grow financially since the year we started. This means more animals are receiving our support in Costa Rica and Guatemala.

Our administration cost at this moment is zero. We have been able to maintain this thanks to some dedicated volunteers who help us with fundraising and writing grant proposals. We proudly to commit 100% of the funds to our educational spay & neuter programs.

The SNIP model is to collect funds and form alliances with animal organization so they run the programs. We appreciate your help and hope you can continue supporting us.

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Education to Open Hearts

snip-board-gamePISCAP Guatemala has been selected by SNIP to develop an educational game for kids (ages 5-10). The game motivates kids to learn basic aspects of responsible pet ownership, such as sterilization, vaccination, and animal welfare. The game also teaches about the prevention of zoonotic diseases such as rabies and the variety of parasites seen with greater intensity in the tropics (ticks, for example).

The 5 schools and 1,200 students that were selected as part of this program, belong to a segment of the population comprised of low-income families. In general, this segment has less access to schooling and education, which can lead to replicating the patterns of mistreatment and neglect of animals learned at home and in the streets.

We have witnessed amazing enthusiasm from these kids, who are learning about responsible pet ownership in a fun way!

Thanks PISCAP Guatemala for adopting this project and putting heart and soul into it. And a huge ‘thank you’ to Dogs Trust for providing the funds.

Stop Mass Poisonings

costa rica spay neuter SNIPFor us, animal lovers and experts in population control management, poisoning dogs and cats to “reduce” overpopulations is unacceptable. Mass poisoning is another failed effort that continues being replicated in many countries around the world, including Guatemala.

Since last year, we have joined the effort to show the local governments that education and spay & neuter are the solution. It might take time to reach high levels of coverage, but it is definitely the effective and humane model that SNIP will stand for: NO more poisonings. Allow spay and neuter to show results without suffering!

Justice Offers a Second Chance

Animals confiscated from dog fights, hoarders and puppy mills in Costa Rica are getting free surgeries from SNIP before they find a loving home.

The Animal Welfare Department from Costa Rica projects that 540 animals will be confiscated this year and there are many costs involved in this process: rehabilitation, veterinary care, food, adoption events and spay & neuter. We are proud to cover the cost of surgery, while other organizations like Humane Society International, take care of rehabilitation of dogs from dog fights.

Marchig Animal Welfare Trust and Foundation

Marchig is our main sponsor, but we still need to raise $3,000 to cover all projected surgeries. Please help us give these animals a second chance and make sure that violators are legally processed.

Thank You for Your Continued Support

Thank you for your kindness in staying connected with our projects. We need your support in order to continue helping more animals and informing the society that we stand for animal welfare!

Carla Ferraro

Founder and Executive Director


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