SNIP Community Hero says: “So glad you always remember me and my pets”

IMG_4752Doña Cirila: SNIP Community Hero!

If you ever wondered why we sponsor so many clinics in the islands of Costa Rica, the answer is simple: these are places where irresponsible people come to abandon their pets. The only positive aspect of this tragedy is that once we have snipped all of them, the population no longer grows. As long as any newcomer is promptly snipped, the situation can be managed by compassionate islanders who refuse to turn their back on these harmless furry wanderers. We have invested heavily in outreach education about responsible pet ownership on the islands, so pets are generally happy there with plenty of food both from the local fishermen and from donations arriving regularly.

That said, in one specific island pets are particularly happy because of Doña Cirila.  This elderly lady always welcomes us with her famous phrase: ¨I´m so glad you always remember me and my pets…¨ She fosters as many as she can, all snipped and well fed thanks to the donations by ANPA (National Association for the Protection of Animals.)
During our latest project with ANPA, we snipped 50 dogs and 11 cats.

We will be back in a few months to make sure Doña Cirila and her pets are doing well and that they have everything they need on this remote island off the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

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