Life is fun at the beach! Spay & neuter dogs & cats Puntarenitas island

PIC_1531Puntarenitas is a tiny Costa Rican island inhabited by 17 families, 54 dogs and 10 cats. Why this pet overpopulation? Irresponsible owners from the mainland navigate to the island to abandon their animals.

Here the economy is based on fishing, there are no other sources of income and the locals do not have the heart to turn the animals away. 64 intact animals might not seem like a lot, but, given the limited resources that these families have, the situation could easily spin out of control!

The animals enjoy eating fish leftovers and table scraps. They must be eating well because they snubbed the pet food we brought to help! Reasonably healthy and happy, they run free all day with no danger from traffic. Life is fun at the beach!
We plan to use the left over $ from the Triangle of Solidarity project to spay & neuter 100% of the animals so that the situation does not spin out of control. Stay tuned…

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