Brought best friend to spay clinic so thankful broke down and cried

DSC_1311Meet Auxiliadora and her puppy. She brought her best friend to our spay & neuter clinic at the Triangle of Solidarity then returned to thank the ANPA and SNIP volunteers for the assistance. As we chatted, she broke down and cried. Hers is a classic story in this neck of the woods: too poor to pay for a traditional spay & neuter procedure, she relies on low-cost veterinary aid to care for her pet. Out here, there are many like Auxiliadora. Animal lovers heartbroken by the quantity of intact furry wanderers that roam their communities. Who struggle to feed and care for as many as they can. Who watch in disbelief when acts of cruelty are carried out against the strays, who ask nothing more than a second chance to life. Gracias for all your support on behalf of Auxiliadora and of all of the furry wanderers: together we are changing the world one community and one stray at a time!


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