Want to donate to SNIP but keep forgetting? Consider recurring donation

snip_8869Do you want to donate to support our programs, but keep forgetting to do so? Consider a small recurring donation. You only have to set this up once and SNIP programs will receive your support on a monthly basis.


Monthly donations allow us to plan future projects and help more animals. 100% of the funds we receive are used towards low-cost spay & neuter surgeries. The cost of one surgery is only $16 regardless of the sex/weight of the dog or cat!


You may sponsor one procedure per month or you can join “The Snipper’s Club” for $25/month, become an “Amigo de los Mutts” for $50/month, or jump ahead as “Leader of the Pack” for $100/month.


Today, we wish to thank Dharma Dog Training of Omaha (www.dharmadogtraining.com),

Prairie Home Pet Care of Denver (www.prairiehomepets.com), The Transaction Group of Jacksonville (www.thetransactiongroup.net) for their monthly donations!


Together we can take our low-cost spay & neuter model anywhere in the world so that no companion animal is left behind. Join us!


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