Costa Rica stray dogs have negative impact on marine turtle population

dogs on beachDid you know that stray dogs have a negative impact on marine turtle population? The sandy beaches of the coastal communities of Ostional and Guanacaste, Costa Rica, are prime nesting grounds for marine turtles. In their efforts to survive, the hungry strays that roam the area have learned to dig up the eggs and eat them. Nosara Animal Care and their dedicated volunteers are trying to humanely control pet population through a series of low-cost spay & neuter clinics, but the local residents are simply too poor to contribute to the cost of the surgical procedure. At SNIP we wish to support NAC and the local animal advocates, donating enough to cover at least a portion of the surgery cost. More sterilized pets means less hungry strays, which gives the turtles a fighting chance at surviving. Please consider helping: with a nickel a day you can sponsor the surgery of one stray. 5 cents a day for one year and the turtles will be forever grateful!

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