La Macha the furry wanderer that call the streets home

IMG_0893La Macha (Blondie) lived in the Centro (downtown) of Rio Claro, Costa Rica, and went about her business of survival with great enthusiasm, always happy and full of life.

Located in the southern zone of Costa Rica, Rio Claro is a small village that stretches on both sides of the Pan American Highway. Needless to say not the safest place for any of the “Callejeros”, the furry wanderers that call the streets home.

One day suffering a severe case of the “Preggies”, Macha literally knocked on the door of the Salguero family, looking for a safe, warm place to deliver her litter of puppies.

She was promptly ushered inside and found herself attended by loving hands. Blankets, food, water and a few tasty treats appeared like magic and Machita felt safe and welcome. In fact, she was such a good guest that the Salgueros decided to adopt her. A few days later, Macha delivered 7 healthy puppies. Today, mom and puppies, all spayed/neutered and vaccinated, are living a healthy, happy life and the only times that Macha hangs out in the centro is when her new owners take there on a leash!



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